March Madness Teaches It Doesn't Pay to Claim Someone Else's Trademark
March 19, 2013
Michael Atkins in Trademark Law 101

We can all learn something from MARCH MADNESS.

There’s no profit in trying to register someone else’s trademark.

Check it out. The NCAA owns a registration for MARCH MADNESS. Actually, a bunch of them. This one’s for “Enterertainment in the nature of basketball tournaments between college teams,” with a first-use date of March 31, 1982.

But does that stop others from trying to grab a piece of the madness? It should, but it doesn’t.

Here’s a few of the applications to register MARCH MADNESS by wrong-headed entrepreneurs (or fans) with a little extra spring spirit:

Revel in the madness. But trying to copy it and claim it for your own just doesn’t work.

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