Search Washington Trademark Filings for Free
March 26, 2013
Michael Atkins in Trademark Law Resources, Washington State Trademark Registration

A sample application for statewide trademark registration.
Users can now search filings from 1888 to 2011 for free

It’s now possible to search Washington trademark registrations for free.

The Washington Secretary of State’s digital archives have added trademark records to its searchable online database.

Start with the digital archives home page. Select “Trademark Records” from the dropdown menu under the “Search by Keyword” or “Detailed Search” options, enter the search criteria, and click the “Search” button. 

The “Detailed Search” option enables searching by keyword, registration number, owner name, document type (amendment, application, assignment, renewal, and reservation), and range of filing dates.

Results display the trademark number, owner’s name, document type, received date, and even a copy of the application, specimens of use, and registration certificate.

The site states the database includes “active and inactive trademark records filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, Corporations Division from 1888 to 2011.”

This is a pretty awesome tool that previously was available only through third-party vendors.

Thanks to the State of Washington for making this available. And thanks to Shannon Whitmore for letting me in on the secret!

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