Study Links Trademark Filings to Innovation and Growth
October 8, 2018
Michael Atkins in Economic Value of Trademarks

An interesting new study from researchers at the USPTO, Center for Economic Studies, and the US Census Bureau explores who makes trademark filings and why they do so. 

The paper, “An Anatomy of U.S. Firms Seeking Trademark Registration,” was published in September by the nonprofit, nonpartisan, National Bureau of Economic Research.  

It links USPTO data of trademark filings with census data about the filers. It concludes that companies that make trademark filings are more likely to grow, and more likely to make patent filings, than companies that do not.

Following are some highlights: 

The paper also noted that less than three percent of all trademark filings are opposed. While this is small number, the fact that it is not zero demonstrates the perceived value of trademarks. If they weren’t seen as valuable, no one would spend the time and money to oppose someone else’s filing.

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