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Hendrix Electric Vodka Case Doesn't Settle in Mediation; Motions Pending

Hendrix%20Electric%20Vodka2.jpgThe parties’ trademark claims in Experience Hendrix, LLC, v. Electric Hendrix, LLC — regarding the defendants’ ability to use Jimi Hendrix’s name, likeness, and signature in connection with their vodka products — will be decided on summary judgment. Or at trial. Or both. But by the looks of the Notice of Occurrence of ADR Procedure the parties’ mediator filed on June 27, the case isn’t going to settle. 

The notice states the parties mediated the case on June 26 but “did not reach a settlement.”

The parties have three pending motions for summary judgment: two by the plaintiffs and one by the defendants. Last week, Western District Judge Thomas Zilly struck all court deadlines in the case pending his disposition of these motions. Oral argument is scheduled for July 11.

Case background here, here, and here.

The case cite is Experience Hendrix, LLC v. Electric Hendrix, LLC, No. 07-338 (W.D. Wash.).

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