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AAA Sues AAA over AAA

On Aug. 22, the American Automobile Association filed a trademark infringement suit in the Western District against Tacoma-based AAA Insurance Inc.

The mark at issue? Take a wild guess.

Plaintiff registered AAA as a trademark in 1967 for “automobile association services”; AAA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY in 1978 for “underwriting of life and accident services”; AAA GUARANTEED LIFE in 1989 for “life insurance underwriting services”; and AAA and Design in 1998 for “adjusting and collecting insurance damage claims” and “insurance brokerage services.”

Plaintiff complains that defendant’s use of AAA in connection with competing insurance services, and the use of its aaainsure.com domain name to solicit customers, has caused actual consumer confusion and is likely to cause additional consumer confusion.

Defendant has not yet answered plaintiff’s complaint.

AAA started as a weak trademark but through the magic of secondary meaning and incontestability, I would say it’s now quite strong.

The case cite is American Automobile Association v. AAA Insurance Inc. (No. 08-5515).

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Reader Comments (1)

I have actually received one of these AAA insurance solicitations. Before reading this, I could've sworn it was from AAA. Having read your post, I can't figure out if it really comes from AAA or another company using the AAA logo. and AAA does not respond to my email query.
September 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAlphonse Credenza

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