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Rockin' Perfume Tardemark Dispute Comes to Seattle

On Feb. 10, parfumerie Sportsfragrance, Inc., filed suit in the Western District against competitor The Perfumer’s Workshop International, Ltd. Plaintiff claims defendant’s sale of ROCK & ROLL branded or named perfrume infringes plaintiff’s registered ROCK ‘N ROLL trademark for fragrances and constitutes the sale of counterfeit goods. Defendant sells its SAMBA ROCK ‘N ROLL eau de toilette spray at Target and other retailers.

While plaintiff’s mark is indeed registered, I could not immediately find any examples of its actual use of the mark in connection with fragrances. For what it’s worth, I found Sports Fragrance-branded APRIL SHOWERS, HERO, BELOVED VANILLA, DAYDREAM, and GOLDEN AUTUMN perfumes, but no ROCK ‘N ROLL. We’ll see if defendant asserts an abandonment defense.

The case cite is Sportsfragrance, Inc. v. The Perfumer’s Workshop, International, Ltd., No. 09-177 (W.D. Wash.).

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