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Owner of Bellevue Beauty Salon Found Guilty of Injecting Fake Botox

On Jan. 15, Western District Judge Marsha Pechman sentenced a Bellevue, Wash., salon owner to 13 months in prison for injecting customers with fake BOTOX and RESTYLANE wrinkle remover.

The Seattle Times reported that Xin “Faith” He scarred some of her customers for life.

Instead of getting BOTOX and RESTYLANE drugs — which must be administered by a physician — some customers of Ms. He’s Natural Beauty salon received a counterfeit drug smuggled from China that was injected by a licensed manicurist and aesthetician.  

“I am sorry, really sorry, for what I have done,” Ms. He reportedly said in court. “I painfully accept this.”

The Seattle Times reported Ms. He said she was motivated by funding her lavish lifestyle. “I wasted 17 years of hard work for my family … and also damaged the society and people as well,” Ms. He reportedly said.

In October, Ms. He was found guilty of one count of misbranding a drug and two counts of receipt and delivery of an adulterated device.

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