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Georgetown Brewery to Rename "9LB Porter" to Resolve Trademark Dispute

Seattle’s Georgetown Brewery will change the name of one of its beers to resolve a trademark dispute.

That’s what the Seattle Beer News blog reported yesterday.

Georgetown will rename its “9LB Porter” as “Georgetown Porter.”

Georgetown makes the beer for the 9 LB Hammer bar in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

The impetus behind the change reportedly was Magic Hat Brewing Co., which sells a beer it calls “#9.”

Georgetown’s letter to its customers explaining its perspective of the dispute is reprinted in SBN’s post.

Magic Hat apparently offered to license the mark to Georgetown, which Georgetown could not accept.

“[W]e decided that we could not in good conscience grant someone else ownership of the name 9LB Porter,” Georgetown’s spokesperson said. “[We] felt that the brand does not rightfully belong to us to sign over to some other brewery. We really feel like it belongs to the 9LB Hammer and don’t want some other brewery owning it. In all fairness to Magic Hat …, they did make an effort to compromise. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t agree on the name-ownership issue.”

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Reader Comments (1)

Very interesting. I didn't know the name referred to a bar (I live in Seattle but don't hang out much in Georgetown, since it is in the opposite end of the city from where I live and drink my beer).

Did the suit mention anything about the famoust bluegrass tune, "9 Lb. Hammer"? I thought that was where the reference came from, although the song may be based on a tall tale or some other previous story (such as Paul Bunyan). Anyway, that's what I always thought it referred to, and thought it was a great name. I think the suit is pretty lame, especially since the brewery doesn't use the word "hammer" anywhere in it's product!
June 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Hirning

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