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Joyous Trademark Dispute Pits "Sweet Bliss" Against "Bliss"

The declaratory judgment plaintiff’s wine label (left) and the defendant’s

I guess I wasn’t in the mood to blog about wine.

It was right after New Year’s, after all.

On Jan. 4, West Richland, Wash., winery Pacific Rim Winemakers, Inc., filed suit in the Western District against the Hopeland, Calif., winery Brutocao Vineyards, Inc., for a declaration of noninfringement.

At issue is Pacific Rim’s SWEET BLISS and Brutocao’s BLISS trademarks.

Brutocao owns Reg. No. 3,187,029 for the BLISS word mark for “wines.” 

Pacific Rim owns the application Serial No. 85,146,280 for the SWEET BLISS word mark for “wine.”

Pacific Rim alleges Brutocao sent it a letter alleging that SWEET BLISS would confuse the public into thinking that Pacific Rim’s wine comes from Brutocao. Pacific Rim, obviously, believes otherwise.

Brutocao has not yet answered the complaint.

The case cite is Pacific Rim Winemakers, Inc. v. Brutocao Vineyards, Inc., No. 11-0011 (W.D. Wash.).

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