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Infringement Safari: Madrid and Salamanca

It’s always fun to find examples of trademark infringement when traveling. (See the last installments from China here, here, and here.)

It was harder than usual when I was in Spain. Only two examples come to mind: a knockoff of a Starbucks logo and the fairly ubiquitous “Women’Secret” lingerie stores.

Starbucks is in Spain (like everywhere else), but I’m not sure I saw any Victoria’s Secret stores. Not that I was looking.

The prize for most descriptive trademark goes to WEFIX for computer repair services.

If Spain has a trademark, it’s probably ham. Spaniards really love their ham.

I ate it every day — and I’m a vegetarian. (Ok, not much of a vegetarian when I’m overseas.) Gotta love that they keep the hooves on, so there’s no doubt where the meat came from.

Last but not least, this has nothing to do with trademark law, but certainly was memorable. Asian Tex-Mex?

I almost regret not giving it a try. Almost.

Photos by STL.

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