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Cricket and Hipcricket Settle Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

STL’s reported (here) on Cricket Communications’ trademark infringement lawsuit against Hipcricket, as well as the Western District’s denial of Hipcricket’s request to assert a supplemental counterclaim against Cricket (here). Now it’s time to report on the parties’ apparent settlement. On March 27, Western District Judge Marsha Pechman dismissed the parties’ claims and counterclaims against each other with prejudice, which can be un-done within 60 days if “the settlement is not perfected.” The settlement came before the court decided Hipcricket’s pending motion for summary judgment. The case had been set for trial on May 4.

The case cite is Cricket Communications, Inc. v. Hipcricket, Inc., No. 08-908 (W.D. Wash.) (March 27, 2009).

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